Golf Instruction with John Nagel, PGA

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 Golf Instruction with John Nagel, PGA

Winter Practice at the Centennial Acres

Four Sessions of Golf Instruction

  The value of these sessions include:

  • Instruction from John Nagel, PGA.  30 years of teaching, coaching, and mentoring LPGA Professional, high school champions, college golfers, and the everyday student of the game.  
  • Every swing will be evaluated using video software hitting balls into Performance Hitting Nets and Simulators.
  • During these sessions a complete equipment analysis will be done.   We MUST rule if your equipment is suppressing progress and/or if new technologies can help you get to your next level.
  • During these sessions you will hit tons of golf balls giving opportunity to groove your mind and muscle memory of your new swing.  You will work and think hard during these sessions, because I will work and think hard…
  • Session schedule is flexible.  All sessions will be at Centennial Acres in Sunfield, Michigan.  Each session will last 60 minutes.  

4 Sessions / $100

Lesson can be split with two people.

Call 517-204-7952 to schedule your first session!

Lesson’s can be used outdoors in 2019 or starting December 1st indoors at the Centennial Acres golf simulator.

Call John for more details.

Price: $100.00
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